Thank you July Sampling Teams!

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GGWC and GLWQD want to thank our July volunteers for devoting their weekend to collecting data for Gallatin Stream Teams. All their time and commitment is very appreciated by the Gallatin Local Water Quality District as well as GGWC. These folks spent time on the four sites on the East Gallatin River and four sites on Bozeman Creek:

  • Collecting water samples for lab analysis
  • Taking in-stream measurements of pH, specific conductivity, water temperature, and dissolved oxygen using an electronic meter
  • Measuring stream discharge using a flow meter
  • Conducting a pebble count
  • Measuring turbidity with a turbidity tube

Thank you Taylor Dove, Madison Boone, Ben Schmitt, Shayla Woodhouse, Bridget Beck, Douglas McCarty, Jim Masker, Mahima Giri, Gabe Murray, Frank Marchak, and Dan Mahony!