Streams of Concern

Lower Gallatin Watershed Outline

Map of impaired streams in the Lower Gallatin Watershed. Credit RESPEC Consulting.



Fifteen streams in the Lower Gallatin Watershed do not meet state water quality standards set by the Montana Department of Environmental Quality.

These streams are considered “impaired” because they contain sediment, nutrients, and/or E. coli at levels that impair the use of that water for beneficial purposes such as irrigation or recreation.




Table of Stream Concerns

 Stream Nutrient Concerns Sediment Concerns  E. coli Concerns
 Bear Creek  X X  
 Bozeman Creek  X X  X
 Bridger Creek  X  
 Camp Creek  X X  X
Dry Creek  X X  
 East Gallatin River  X    
 Godfrey Creek  X X  X
Hyaite Creek  X    
Jackson Creek  X    
 Mandeville Creek  X    
Reese Creek  X X  X
Rocky Creek   X  
 Smith Creek  X X  X
 Stone Creek   X  
 Thompson Creek  X X  


For more information about specific streams and impairments, download the Lower Gallatin TMDL.


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