Gallatin Stream Teams is a volunteer stream monitoring program operated in partnership between the Greater Gallatin Watershed Council and the Gallatin Local Water Quality District. Since 2008, citizen scientists have been testing water quality on local streams. This high-quality data is being used by GGWC, the Gallatin Local Water Quality District, the Department of Environmental Quality, the City of Bozeman, and others to assess the health of the watershed.

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Want to join your fellow watershed neighbors and get your feet wet?

The 2017 field monitoring season will begin on Saturday, June 17th with a training session for all new and returning volunteers. No prior experience is necessary–you’ll get all the information you need at the training session!

You will also choose your Stream Team (Bozeman Creek & East Gallatin River) and your sampling dates at the training (all sampling will be done on a Saturday or Sunday).

Apply to be a Stream Team Volunteer! Email Leah Bellus at for an application!


Stream Team activities include:

  • Collecting water samples for lab analysis
  • Taking in-stream measurements of pH, specific conductivity, water temperature, and dissolved oxygen using an electronic meter
  • Measuring stream discharge using a flow meter
  • Conducting a pebble count

In the 2017 field season, Stream Teams will be monitoring Bozeman Creek and the East Gallatin River.

In previous years, monitoring has also occurred on Bridger Creek, Mandeville Creek, Matthew Bird Creek, Thompson Creek, and Hyalite Creek.


2017 Gallatin Stream Teams Volunteer Monitoring Schedule

  • July Sampling
  • Stream Team A- July 15th (Saturday)
  • Stream Team B- July 16th (Sunday)
  • Rain Date: Stream Team A- July 22nd (Saturday)
  • Rain Date: Stream Team B- July 23rd (Sunday)
  • August Sampling
  • Stream Team A- August 19th (Saturday)
  • Stream Team B- August 20th (Sunday)
  • Rain Date: Stream Team A- August 26th (Saturday)
  • Rain Date: Stream Team B- August 27th (Sunday)
  • September Sampling
  • Stream Team A- September 9th (Saturday)
  • Stream Team B- September 10th (Sunday)
  • Rain Date: Stream Team A- September 16th (Saturday)
  • Rain Date: Stream Team B- September 17th (Sunday)


Volunteer Responsibilities

2016 Standard Operating Procedures Field Manual

Quality Assurance Project Plan