Stream Team Volunteer Profile: Rick Woodofork

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Featured Volunteer: Rick Woodfork

Team: East Gallatin River

Volunteer since: 2014

“Anyone who loves the outdoors should volunteer at least one summer as a Stream Team member. You spend time in Bozeman’s streams and rivers and make a difference by collecting data that will be used to educate the community and improve the quality of the water bodies we all love.”


Tell us about yourself.

I’m a senior at MSU, majoring in Earth Sciences (Geography Focus) with a minor in Water Resources. I moved to Bozeman two and half years ago from Maryland. I spend a lot of time on the lakes up in Kalispell and Glacier.

What do you enjoy about volunteering with Stream Teams?

As a Stream Team member you get the opportunity to play with a purpose. I enjoy just being outdoors and getting in the water on a hot summer day. I find it really cool learning how to use all of the water monitoring tools and instruments. And there is an important purpose to what we’re doing—the data we collect will serve to educate and inform the public about the condition of the streams and rivers in our community.

How does volunteering with Stream Teams fit into your studies at MSU?
As a Water Resources student I’m really interested in water quality and the process of monitoring water bodies. After college, I plan on pursuing a career in water resources, specifically water quality monitoring.

Who is your water hero?
John Muir. I think of him when I think of water and the peaceful effects it can have on a person.

Interested in volunteering with Stream Teams this summer?

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