Story Mill Community Park

Story Mill Fall 003

East Gallatin River (Christi Cooper-Kuhn)


Located on the north side of Bozeman adjacent to the historic flour mill, Story Mill Community Park will soon be a new city park with playgrounds, sports fields, and hiking trails.

The Greater Gallatin Watershed Council is working with The Trust For Public Land, the City of Bozeman, and other partners to enhance habitat and water quality at Story Mill Park. In early summer of 2016, the stream restoration project funded in part by the Montana Department of Environmental Quality was completed.  Click here for a copy of the photo journal:  Story Mill Ecological Restoration Construction Photo Journal

Restoring Healthy Streams and Wetlands

Map of restoration at Story Mill Park

Map of restoration at Story Mill Park (click to enlarge)

More than a century of activity at this agricultural hub have resulted in changes to the natural landscape at the confluence of Bozeman Creek and the East Gallatin River. Today, both streams are heavily impacted by urban and agricultural activities, and neither meet state water quality standards. The wetlands is one of the only remaining in urban Bozeman, though it is no longer as effective as wildlife habitat or a water quality filter.

Wetlands and floodplains provide important habitat for fish and wildlife and enhance water quality in rivers. These features at Story Mill Park are now being restored so  the site can again be what it was 150 years ago—a thriving habitat for plants, animals, water, and people.

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