Volunteer Opportunities and Commitment Levels

Watershed Volunteer Project Matching GGWC Committee Volunteer GGWC Board Member
Opportunity River cleanup days, Gallatin Stream Teams, willow plantings, workshops, tours Event support, social media assistance, photography, administrative Committees develop and implement the core activities of GGWC

Organizational leadership and guidance, implement procedures,policies and guidelines

Term Length

Short Term Short Term – Regular Commitment 1 Year

3 Years

Monthly Time Commitment

N/A Varies 3-5 Hours

8-10 Hours

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Watershed Volunteer

Each year, GGWC holds a variety of engaging and enriching volunteer activities throughout the Lower Gallatin Watershed. Learn more about the Gallatin Stream Teams volunteer water quality monitoring program here. We also hold annual river cleanup days, stream restoration volunteer activities like willow plantings and a variety of watershed-related workshops and events.

Serving as a watershed volunteer is typically a one-day commitment. Stream Team volunteers commit 3-4 days over the course of the summer including one day of training and 2-3 days of monitoring, learn more here.

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Project Matching

As a small organization, volunteers can help GGWC in many different ways, but needs are often changing and not always consistent. Because of this we use a matching system to place volunteers with projects, programs, and needs within our organization throughout the year. Please fill out the volunteer application so we know more about your availability, interests, and skills. If we do not have a need for your volunteer time immediately, we will keep your information on hand and reach out when something comes up. Examples of volunteer needs include event support, social media assistance, photography/video, administrative help, website design, database support. To apply, please complete our volunteer application

GGWC Committee Volunteer

Committees are established to focus and delegate oversight of GGWC’s core activities. Committees work with other board members, staff and volunteers to ensure sufficient capacity to carry out of their strategy. Board members are asked to serve on at least one of GGWC’s four Committees – Executive (Officers), Development, Education & Outreach, and Water Resources. Non-Board members may also serve on committees upon the invitation of the committee chair(s).

  • Executive Committee: responsible for organizational governance documents, scheduling, and administration of funds
  • Education and Outreach Committee: responsible for local and statewide outreach and collaboration with Gallatin Watershed stakeholders, partners and the community; marketing the mission and accomplishments of the GGWC and educating the community and public officials on the value and potential of GGWC
  • Development Committee: responsible for fundraising, grant writing, and exploring new funding opportunities
  • Water Resources Committee: responsible for managing grants funds, reporting, and outreach for all Watershed Restoration Plan (WRP) identified projects and assisting with Stream Team Monitoring

Serving as a GGWC committee volunteer is a one year commitment. Each committee meets once per month and committee tasks are delegated to committee members to complete between meetings. The monthly time commitment to serve on a committee is typically 3-5 hours per month. To apply, please complete our volunteer application

GGWC Board Member

GGWC is governed by a Board of Directors broadly representative of our watershed community. Members represent agricultural producers, irrigators, non-governmental organizations, sub-watershed groups, recreationists, local government, natural resource managers, business, and other watershed interests. Board members provide oversight and guidance in helping GGWC to achieve its mission.

Serving as a GGWC board member is a three year commitment. Board members are expected to attend regular monthly board meetings, serve on at least one committee and dedicate the necessary time to help the organization successfully implement its programs and mission. Additional commitment details for Board members can be found on the board member application.