What You Can Do to be a Watershed Steward


GGWC has a number of volunteer opportunities for community members including one-day events and longer-term commitments, like serving on a committee or serving as a Board member. Learn more about our volunteer opportunities HERE!

Get Informed

The first step to becoming a steward of our watershed is understanding this landscape we call home and how water flows within it. Read more about the characteristics, history, and concerns of our watershed here. The Resources page on our website also contains a watershed map along with a number of helpful publications and resources for getting acquainted with the Lower Gallatin Watershed.

Check out this video from the City of Bozeman’s Stormwater Division to learn about stormwater in Bozeman and what you can do to keep harmful pollutants out of our rivers and streams:

Provide Feedback

Complete a short survey to let us know how you would like to engage in your watershed. Feedback will help us to develop future engagement opportunities.

Attend a Watershed Event

Check out our calendar of upcoming events in the watershed HERE.

Drink Gallatin Pale Ale!

Thanks to our generous friends at Bozeman Brewing Company, a portion of the proceeds from each sale of Gallatin Pale Ale, goes to support the Greater Gallatin Watershed Council. By drinking Gallatin Pale Ale, you’re helping to keep our brewing and recreational waters clean!


According to the City of Bozeman’s Water Conservation Department,  Bozeman could be facing a water shortage in the next 20 years. The City has identified water conservation as the single largest source of water for Bozeman’s future, but we all need to do our part. The City of Bozeman’s Water Conservation Department has a host of resources available on their website including rebates and incentives to save money on things like efficient clothes washers, toilets and sprinkler systems.

Estimate your water use and learn about areas where you can conserve with this handy water calculator developed by the Alliance for Water Efficiency. You’ll also find useful tips for conserving water at home, at work, and in your landscape on the Alliance for Water Efficiency’s Home Water Works website.

Make your landscape “water smart” with the Water Smart Planting Guide for the Bozeman Area compiled by the City’s Water Conservation Department.

Pick up after your pets

Picking up dog waste keeps it from washing into Bozeman’s storm drains, creeks, and ponds – the waterways where people and pets play, and where fish and other water bound organisms live. Our waterways have unhealthy levels of E. coli partially due to uncollected dog waste – but we can fix that. Picking up even one poop saves 23 million fecal coliforms from contaminating our water. Working together, residents and the City collected over 24 tons of dog waste in 2016 from local parks, streets, and trails. We need your continued assistance! City officials hope to increase the annual collection total for 2017 by 5% (1.2 tons).

Dispose of hazardous waste and E-waste properly

The Gallatin Local Water Quality District has excellent information on proper disposal here.


When you donate to the Greater Gallatin Watershed Council, you become a partner in advocating for the health and conservation of our rivers and streams. Your support makes it possible for us to continue our important work in collaboration, education and projects. Donate now!