Fall 2014 015

The Greater Gallatin Watershed Council collaborates with agricultural, recreational, and community partners to conserve and enhance our water resources.

The Gallatin Watershed — where our waters support our lives.


We, as representatives and partners of the Greater Gallatin Watershed Council:

  • care about the water resources OF the Gallatin watershed;
  • acknowledge, understand and appreciate the diversity of our community;
  • strive to be a trustworthy source of information, research initiatives and technical assistance, educational resources and watershed-related expertise;
  • are action-oriented in our efforts to support the conservation and restoration of our water resources;
  • provide opportunities for community participation in discussion of issues and decision-making;
  • assist our community partners in identifying and addressing their needs, finding opportunities for collaboration, leveraging money, and initiating or sponsoring projects as needed;
  • are a financially sustainable organization with diverse funding sources that support our operating and administrative expenses.