Meet Our New Board Member, Brad Bauer

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Check out this interview with GGWC’s newest Board Member, Brad Bauer. Brad is the Natural Resource Agent at Gallatin County MSU Extension, and GGWC is thrilled to have him on board (pun intended)!




Q: Tell us about yourself.

A: I have a Master of Science from MSU in Ecology. My wife and I moved back to Bozeman last year when I started with Gallatin County MSU Extension. I work in Gallatin, Park, and Meagher Counties to provide public education and one-on-one visits with landowners concerning natural resources. Before that, I worked for The Nature Conservancy for eight years in southwest Montana doing conservation and land management. I did work like building fences, spraying weeds, and restoring streams.

Q: What excites you about joining GGWC’s board?

A: GGWC is a well-positioned community organization to develop and bring the issue of water quality to the local community and a larger audience. I think water and water quality is going to be a larger concern county-wide as we see continuing changes in land ownership and use.

I first found out about GGWC through the [Community-Based Stream Improvement] meetings this winter. Any project that involves the larger community is really exciting to me and a good example of how larger success can be achieved.

Q: What is your favorite activity to do in the Gallatin Watershed?

A: Ten years ago in grad school, it would have been fishing. Now, I really enjoy how the Gallatin watershed has a mixture of open space and communities like Belgrade, Manhattan, and Bozeman. I like that there’s a lot of natural areas that also support people and community interests as well. It does mean there are some water quality problems to have streams and communities so close together, but I think this is something we are ready to focus on.

Q: What is your earliest memory of a river?

A: I grew up on the massive Mississippi River in eastern Iowa. From day one, my folks would take me to the River and other streams. Rivers are intertwined in who I am. I’ve been fortunate to work along a lot of rivers in Montana. I probably will never get used to rivers that flow north!

GGWC currently has openings on the Board of Directors as well as the newly forming Development Committee. We are looking for individuals with community connections throughout the Gallatin Valley or with an interest in fundraising. If you or someone you know would consider joining or assisting GGWC, email