The Greater Gallatin Watershed Council provides opportunities for residents, volunteers, and students to learn about and get involved in watershed issues. Our projects include:




ANNUAL MEETING: GGWC’s Annual Meeting each January includes a presentation on the state of the watershed and a discussion of current issues. Recent topics have included watershed restoration and snowpack.





FALL TOUR: Each October, the Fall Tour allows participants to explore the watershed while learning about current issues. Recent tours have discussed exempt wells, wetlands, and agricultural irrigation.


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WATERSHED FESTIVAL: GGWC provides family-friendly water activities at the Watershed Festival, hosted each June by the Montana Outdoor Science School.




Student Education



FARM FAIR: GGWC hosts a lesson about watersheds and water pollution at Farm Fair, a field trip for Gallatin Valley 4th graders at Brainerd Ranch each May.




FIELD TRIPS & CLASSROOM LESSONS: We are happy to teach lessons about watersheds, water pollution, and water quality monitoring for area students. Educators can contact us at or 406-551-0804 to request a lesson.




Volunteer Opportunities



STREAM TEAMS: Citizen scientists monitor water quality on local stream each summer. Click here for more information.





STORM DRAIN STENCILING: High school students volunteer to increase awareness about stormwater runoff in Bozeman.




CLEAN-UP DAYS: Help remove trash and invasive weeds from streambanks.