Community-Based Stream Improvement Meetings & Comments Summary

Click here to read the Meetings & Comments Summary This January and February, GGWC hosted a Community-Based Stream Improvement input process involving meetings in Belgrade, Manhattan, Bozeman, and Bridger Canyon as well as an online comment survey. We received a tremendous amount of input from throughout the Gallatin Valley, with over 60 individuals attending one.. read more →

Water Supply Forecast for 2014

By Sue Duncan, GGWC Board Member Spring Snowpack Current snowpack is the second or third highest in the 34 years of data collected, according to Brian Domonkos, Water Supply Specialist for the Montana Snow Survey Program of the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service. Domonkos spoke at the annual Spring Water Meeting sponsored by the District Court.. read more →

Check out the new Bozeman Creek report card

Click here to see the Bozeman Creek water quality report card! Learn about the good and the bad of stream health and water quality on Bozeman Creek. This brochure was created using data collected in the summers of 2012 and 2013 by Stream Team volunteers and staff from the Gallatin Local Water Quality District. read more →

Beavers and Bozo: A Photo Story

When the Beavers Met Bozo Beavers are both appreciated and condemned by landowners in the Gallatin watershed. Beavers dams can help regulate stream flow, maintain wetlands, and retain water. But too much beaver activity can cause problems on individual properties. GGWC Board Member Chris Boyer has long been a happy host to a family of.. read more →